Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health has become one of the biggest challenges for employees and employers and wellbeing within the workplace is becoming a prominent factor.

In January 2021, Champion Health found that 69% of a 2,099-employee sample experienced moderate to high levels of stress in general.  Nearly two thirds (63%) experienced at least mild symptoms of anxiety and 58% of employees said they had experienced at least mild symptoms of depression.

Statistics like these led us to develop these in-house:

  • Wellbeing Coaching – two x 3-hour webinars for coaches wanting to inspire people to be happier, resilient and aware of their emotional health
  • Workplace Wellbeing – a 2-hour webinar for officers interested in minimising anxiety and stress in the course of their work
  • Councillor Wellbeing – a 2-hour webinar to consider a range of tools to help deliver wellbeing for Councillors
  • Corporate Mental Health Strategy – a 2-hour webinar for Councillors and officers to explore the role organisations can play in supporting employee

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