ADASS South West – Associate for Assurance


ADASS South West are seeking a Consultant to provide hands on support and leadership for strategic leaders in Adult Social Care.

The purpose is to support Directors and senior leaders in preparing for inspection as outlined in

‘A new strategy for the changing world of health and social care – CQC’s strategy from 2021’.


This is a Policy and Inspection to programme with the 15 Local Authorities in Adult Social Care in the South West region.

On behalf of the 15 Local Authority Adult Social Care Directors in the South West. ADASS SW are commissioning strategic support for Directors of Adult Social Care (DASS).

The consultant will play an active leadership role for the branch in supporting the delivering of leadership strategies in preparing for assurance and inspection as well as a responsibility for supporting the shaping of service improvement plans.

The consultant will be working with the ADASS South West Branch; South West Councils Associate Advisers and Programme Lead.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Provide specialist input into delivering the South West Roadmap in support of the continual improvement and assurance framework.
  2. Critique and appraise strategic accounts for their impact on individuals and services.
  3. Inform strategic and operational planning on inspection and assurance.
  4. Contribute to the development of local policies in quality improvement.

Strategic Responsibility and Key Task

The strategic responsibility of the programme is to support Directors in preparing for readiness of the new CQC inspection and support evidence-based improvement plans in local authorities. The Consultant will support the implementation of the Roadmap as agreed by Directors.

In addition, to ensure that this work is aligned with the wider CQC Framework for inspection of providers and Integrated Care Organisations.

The range of functions and deliverables expected will be agreed from the following:

  1. Providing briefings for inspection and continual improvement;
  2. Provide expert social care support and whole system leadership to ensure an evidence based approach to assurance and quality practice
  3. Utilise information and intelligence systems to underpin action, this may include interpretation of relevant policies
  4. Provide guidance on leadership and what good leadership/behaviour looks like
  5. Provide guidance on embedding an improvement framework
  6. Promote the sharing of learning in ‘Buddy’ groups and across the wider network
  7. Effective communication to a range of stakeholders
  8. Understanding and utilising evaluation frameworks for scrutiny, deep dives and peer review

Personal Qualities and Experience

The strategic objective of the programme is to support local system readiness to the Local Authority assurance.

It is expected that the consultant will be able to cope with circumstances as well as multiple and changing demands, and to meet tight deadlines. A high level of intellectual rigour, political awareness and negotiation and motivation skills as well as flexibility and sensitivity are required.

The consultant will be accountable professionally to the Chairs of ADASS South West.

The consultant must have a proven track record of success as a leader in a public service environment with extensive policy development experience.

The consultant should be able to reflect on and learn from their own experiences and use this experience for working effectively.

Expertise and knowledge in the following is essential:

  • Working with senior management to ensure that corporate aims and objectives of the organisation are achieved;
  • Knowledge of current social care legislation, and a good understanding of the social care sector;
  • Able to influence senior members including Directors and CEOs;
  • Delivery of successful sector led improvement and inspection in local government;
  • Strategic thinker with proven leadership skills;
  • Able to demonstrate and motivate leaders;
  • Ability to design, develop, interpret and implement strategies and policies;
  • In depth understanding of the health and care system and the relationships with both local and national government;
  • In depth knowledge of techniques of developing quality assurance, quality improvement, evaluations, and evidence-based social care practice;
  • Strong and demonstrable understanding of interfaces between health, social care and key partners.


Required time: 30 days (5 days per month for the period 1 May to 31 October 2023)

Where additional time is required, this will be agreed in advance.

Rate: £575/day

April 2023

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