ADASS South West – Strategic Overview

In 2020 the Directors of Adult Social Services across the South West agreed a Policy Framework that set out four key objectives: 

  1. strengthen resilience in our communities and build a diverse, sustainable market 
  2. embed a “Home is best” model in true partnership with community health, acute and Primary Care Networks
  3. strengthen person centred practice
  4. strengthen and grow a competent workforce for the future

This included six Strategic Aims:

  1. Embed person centred, strengths based practice that promotes positive risk taking and sits within an ethical framework.
  2. To facilitate a diverse, sustainable high- quality market for the whole local population.
  3. Provide support that is part of wider communities and support networks. 
  4. Secure sustainable funding that both deals with immediate pressures and provides a long-term settlement to  plan for care
  5. Secure and value the social care workforce so that this is seen as a career of choice.
  6. Promote models of care that deliver independence, wellbeing and choice.

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