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South West Virtual Coaching and Mentoring Conference

Conference Duration:

  • 2  days (delivered remotely)
  • The conference enables you to pick and choose what you want to do—as little or as much as you like spread over the two days.


Day 1 6 October 2021 9:15 – 4.30
Day 2 7 October 2021 9:15 – 4.30


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The Coaching and Mentoring Conference brings together everyone involved in coaching practice.  This is our second virtual coaching conference run offers an incredible learning opportunity for anyone who needs to ensure coaching adds value to their organisation and has an effective impact on performance and productivity. This year the conference is run in partnership with our regional colleagues; East of England LGA, North West Employers, South East Employers and Yorkshire and Humberside Employers .

The conference enables you to pick and choose what you want to do—as little of much as you like spread over the two days.


We have a fantastic line up of Speakers including:

High Performing Neural Environments:
Amy Brann
For people to fulfil their potential their brains need to be in the best state for whatever they need to do. Different networks, chemicals and physical environments all have profound effects on people’s abilities to perform.

Making change simpler: the Solution Focused approach:
Evan George or Chris Iveson
Solution Focus is now widely recognised as effective, as efficient in the sense of not wasting time, as having a marked capacity to build partnership and cooperation, even with those reluctant to work with us, and as protective against burn-out.
This presentation will outline the approach, offering a good basis for participants to decide whether they might be interested in developing their familiarity with this deceptively simple way of working.

Self-sabotage – How to Break the Cycle:
Neil Harris
This workshop looks at what self-sabotage, where it comes from and most importantly how we can use coaching techniques to help people break this cycle of behaviour.

Coaching Culture – Our Journey – British Transport Police:
Katherine Chowdry and Sandra Wilson
Our session will provide delegates with a brief overview of the British Transport Police. You will gain an understanding of our rationale for change and highlights of what we have achieved thus far. This will be an interactive session and we encourage delegates to ask questions to support their understanding.

Harvesting Learning:
Lesley Matile
This session fits well at the end of a day of insights when we can experiment in crafting some thought-provoking learning questions to use with each other to help really consolidate what we have taken from the sessions today. We will also consider where this type of question fits with our developing coaching practice.

Sounds a bit serious? Well, we will also have a few giggles together as we unwind from an intense day.

What is in the space between…?:
Michelle Lucas and Charlotte Housden
We all experience liminality in our lives – the space in between, a transition from one stage to the next, leaving somewhere behind, not arriving in another place yet.. In this session we’ll be using images to help us explore the idea of liminality. Join us for our interactive workshop where we’ll be using a new digital platform to play with Liminal Muse photographic images.

The Magical Canvas of Projective Coaching:
Peter Freeth
Coaching can be a highly structured, cognitive process which revolves around a defining interaction – the coaching conversation. In Projective Coaching, the professional coach will use a far greater range of methods, a far greater range of non-verbal communication channels to enable the client to more freely and easily express themselves, make connections, recognise resources and discover solutions.

Reflective Practice Space:
Michelle Lucas
The session starts with a short mindfulness exercise to help you access your most resourceful self. Then you will have space for some individual reflection using one (or more) of the templates provided.  The session ends with a short pairs exercise where you share with one other delegate the insights and learnings you gained from working with the templates. If you would like to broaden your repertoire of reflective activities, join us for this creative session.

Coaching for “New Style” Organisations :
Brett Sadler
For organisations to stay relevant and survive in the latter half of this decade they will need to adapt incredibly rapidly, and for many it will be a hard road.  This workshop will be looking at the different levels of coaching intervention that can support this transformation, and discuss some of the new skills that coaches will need to embrace.

Coaching – NLP and Provocative – Masterclass: The differences that truly makes the difference:
Sue Knight
There are so many presuppositions about Coaching (and I don’t even like the term) – the rules. Well this session is how to challenge those presuppositions and release a style of working with others that is electric, intense and fun.


£125 for 2 days or £80 per day:
SW Councils; East of England LGA, North West Employers, SE Employers and Yorkshire and Humberside Employers member organisations

£165 for  2 days or £95 per day:
Non-member organisations/ individual

How to apply:

Please use the Event Booking Form to enrol for the conference.

Course Ref:  CP/21/889

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Oct 06 - 07 2021


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