Introduction to Neurodiversity

Awareness of neurodiversity is increasing as people recognise the benefits of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but this requires an understanding of neurodiversity and how to effectively support those with a neurodiverse condition in both learning and workplace situations.

We have designed this introductory webinar, aimed at those who wish to increase their understanding of neurodiversity.  There is a more detailed follow-on programme, Supporting Neurodiversity, for those who wish to explore neurodiversity in the workplace.  The webinar is delivered remotely (although in-person delivery can be considered for in-house courses).

Introduction to Neurodiversity
A one-hour webinar, suitable for trainers, assessors, managers and peers to explore what is neurodiversity, terminology, facts, why neurodiversity is important and how having an awareness can help support learners and employees with a neurodiverse condition to reach their full potential.

Date: 06 November 2024  Time: 9:30 to 10:30
Course Reference: CP/24/474
Price: Member: £66 + VAT    Non-Member: £92 + VAT
Closing Date: 25 September 2024

How to apply:
Please use the Booking form to enrol for the webinar.

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Nov 06 2024


9:30 am - 10:30 am
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