Kwirkeez Workshop – Coaching CPD

South West Councils is offering each local authority in the South West, one free place on this workshop, including a free box of Kwirkeez.

Date: 11 July 2024
Time:  09:15-12:45

Meet the Kwirkeez! This interactive workshop introduces the Kwirkeez family – a set of 12 cartoon characters who have been designed to facilitate the exploration of identity.

This event is delivered remotely.

Kwirkeez invite a playful and creative approach which can inspire practitioners to understand more about their coaching signature and help executives articulate their leadership brand. The concept is simple: choose the parts of the characters that help you construct a narrative about how you show up in your work.

Initially, participants will have some time to fully notice the constituent pieces of each Kwirkee family member. The cartoon characters were designed to reflect the diversity of our current context and in small groups we will encourage you to share what you notice, what you are drawn to, what you resist … and to consider how your clients might respond to the characters.

Posing the question “Who are you at your best”, participants will have some independent time to build their own Kwirkee, before sharing, in a small group, the story of what they have created. This activity will be de-briefed, and attention given to the use of metaphor, and sharing experiences of connection and resistance to the exercise.

From this foundation, a range of exercises will be available to work with Kwirkeez at a deeper level. Perhaps considering what of your identity is core, and what’s evolving? Perhaps considering which parts change or absent themselves when you are not at your best? Perhaps noticing what process you adopted and how that reflects how you process elsewhere? And perhaps you will have your own sense of where you would like to go next…?

For the final section of the workshop participants will be organised into groups and asked to consider how the Kwirkeez might be of use to them. Learning from all groups will be shared before drawing the workshop to a close.

Member organisations: £35 plus VAT per learner
Non-member organisations: £99 plus VAT per learner

South West Councils are offering each Local Authority one free place on the Kwirkeez workshop, a box of Kwirkeez and  a year’s access to a reflective practice space for one coach (refer to Reflective Practice Space).

Course reference: CP/24/751
How to apply
:  Please use the Booking form to enrol.
Closing date:  30 May 2024


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Jul 11 2024


9:15 am - 12:45 pm
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