Learning and Working in the ‘New Normal’

19th May 2021

This one day virtual conference is designed to support office managers, administrators, personal assistants, executive assistants and virtual assistants.


Awesomely Yours – Nick Fewings, Ngagement
Whilst technical skills are an important assist, as an assistant, it is your competency in people skills, that will bring you the most success. This interactive session, will provide you with an understanding of behavioural differences, enabling you to understand what your preference is. Nick will then share how to pick up the clues that

Looking after Number 1: Mental Health MOT’s (M-ust O-ffer T-ime) – Neil Harris, Think Back, Look Forward Ltd
In this session we will look at tools and strategies to improve mental fitness and potentially develop your own unique Wellness plan to help stay well and positive whether facing a pandemic or another crisis.

Learning through ‘Speed Dating’
This session will put participants in small groups and enable them to quiz a selection of organisational leaders and experienced PAs – what are the questions you have always wanted to ask?

Skills workshops including:

  • Basics of Minute Taking
  • IT hacks, hints and tip tips
  • Time Management


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PA Conference Package Offer (price includes I place at the PA Conference 19 May & 4 places across our PA Networking events 25 March, 24 June, 23 September, 9 December)

£129 + VAT for member organisations, £160 + VAT for non-member organisations

PA Conference (price includes annual PA Conference only)

£85 + VAT for member organisations, £105 + VAT for non-member organisations

If you would like to know more about our PA Networking events you can find out more information here.

How to apply:
Please use the Event Booking Form to enrol for the conference.

Course Ref: CP/21/287

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May 19 2021


9:00 am - 4:30 pm
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