Moral Injury Webinar

Date: 17 September 2024
Time:  10:00-12:00

This course is also available for delivery to groups on an in-house basis.  Please contact us for further information.

In this 2hour webinar, learners will explore the concept of moral injury and its links with both personal and workplace values. Focussing on strengths and challenges, this session also considers ways in which to minimise the impact of moral injury so that learners can protect themselves and each other.

This course is delivered remotely.


Our values – what they are, how they shape us, the way they help us view the world
How our values can be the same but at the same time very different
Workplace Values

Moral Injury
What is moral injury
How do we react to moral injury
What we can do to help protect ourselves
An introduction to psychological safety

The Reflection Cycle and reflecting on what we can control
Reflecting on links between our values and the jobs we do
What can we do differently

Member organisations: £66 plus VAT per learner
Non-member organisations: £92 plus VAT per learner


Course reference:  CP/24/493
How to apply
:  Please use the Booking form to enrol.
Closing date:  6 August 2024

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Sep 17 2024
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