Time Management for Councillors

Date: 12 September 2024
Time:  15:00-17:00

The role of a Councillor can be all consuming. This session will provide some tips for councillors to support them in identifying their priorities, managing their time to achieve objectives and recognising when and how to delegate to others.

This course is delivered remotely.
Also available on an in-house basis for groups of between 6 and 12.


    • Causes and symptoms of time management problems
    • Identifying and setting priorities, planning and time allocation
    • Making best use of time and discover where to focus your time
    • Personal strategies for managing paperwork, email, telephone calls and meetings
    • Recognising when someone else is better able to deal with an issue
    • Maintaining a work life balance through prioritisation of work


This event is part of a series of 2-hour remotely delivered learning sessions which focus on key skills to help Councillors be more effective in their role as an elected Member.  These sessions are suitable for both newly elected members as well as those who are looking to develop further in a specific area.

To view details for past and future events in the series please select the links below:
18 September 2024    Communication and Engagement: 3-5pm
09 October 2024         Strategic Leadership for Councillors: 3-5pm
22 October 2024         Resilience and Wellbeing: 3-5pm
21 November 2024      Enquiring and Evidence Gathering: 3-5pm

Member organisations: £66 plus VAT per learner
Non-member organisations: £92 plus VAT per learner

Course reference:  CD/24/481
How to apply
:  Please use the Booking form to enrol.
Closing date:  1 August 2024

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Sep 12 2024
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