Workplace Mediator (ILM Recognised)

Day 1 : 5 December 2023
Day 2 : 6 December 2023
Day 3 : 7 December 2023


Also available for groups as an in-house course. The optimum group size for in-house delivery is 6, however, up to 12 learners can be accommodated although additional assessment time will be required for the professional discussions.

This course is delivered remotely


This programme is appropriate for employees, managers or Councillors who are interested in learning how to effectively mediate to resolve conflict in the workplace, in the community or between external partners.

The 3-day programme is delivered by experienced practitioners and covers the skills required by an effective mediator to build confidence to undertake mediation, from the initial meeting with the parties through to closure, following a widely recognised and established mediation model.

The programme is designed to be highly interactive with a range of facilitator input, group discussions, and practical exercises. Participants are encouraged to develop individual action plans, and apply the learning in the workplace. It is strongly suggested that participants maintain contact with each other, as a support network, when back in the workplace.

The programme can be delivered in-person or remotely using Zoom or MS Teams. For remote delivery, the content and activities have been reviewed to ensure practical engagement and interaction, combining a mixture of on and offline activities.


DAY 1 – Understanding and dealing with conflict:

  • Introductions, objectives and expectations
  • Overview of assignments and assessment process
  • Benefits of dealing with conflict in the workplace
  • Signs, causes and effects of conflict
  • Roles, responsibilities and behaviours
  • Deciding which intervention is appropriate
  • Role of mediation in dealing with conflict
  • Links with HR policies and practice
  • Overview of the mediation process
  • Skills and behaviours for dealing with conflict effectively
  • Mediation strategies
  • The stages of mediation
  • Good practice in mediation – and standards


DAY 2 – Preparing for and using mediation:

  • Role of a Mediator
  • Professional standards
  • The mediation model: Stages 1 – 5
  • Explaining mediation to others
  • Preparing for mediation
  • Practising mediation: activity
  • Feedback and learning points


DAY 3 – Developing mediation skills:

  • Practising mediation: activity (cont)
  • Building mediation agreements
  • Dealing with the ‘no agreement’ situation
  • Benefits and challenges of mediation
  • Equality and diversity issues
  • Reflecting on own mediation practice
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Learning points and action planning
  • Review and evaluation
  • Preparing for assessment


How is it assessed?
The programme is assessed through the completion of 3 assessed assignments:

Assignment 1:
A written assignment demonstrating your understanding and knowledge of mediation in the workplace

Assignment 2:
A written assignment outlining how you would plan and prepare for a mediation intervention

Assignment 3:
A professional discussion reflecting on your skills and qualities as a mediator

£768 + VAT for member organisations
£907 + VAT for non member organisations

For inhouse delivery there is a minimum of 6 learners and a maximum of 12. If delivered in person, there are additional costs for travel and overnight accommodation if required

How to apply:

Please use the Booking form to enrol.

Course Ref:  HE/23/969

Closing Date: 31 October 2023

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Dec 05 - 07 2023


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