Coaching and Mentoring

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Coaching empowers individuals, increases employee engagement and improves organisational performance. SW Councils supports organisations to develop a coaching culture in a number of ways:

• The South West Coaching & Mentoring Pool was set up in 2011 and it is free to member organisations to join, it supports organisations to work together and share information about coaching activity through a coaching champions network as well as facilitating reciprocal coaching across organisations. Pool coaches work in line with the Code of Conduct 2020

• Holds a register of Executive Coaches for organisations to access at discounted rates
• Provides CPD to coaches through an annual Coaching Conference 
• Provides training ranging from an Introduction to Coaching to ILM Level 7 Certificate for Executive Coaching

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Benefits of coaching include:

  • improved performance and productivity
  • improved learning
  • improved relationships
  • more creative ideas
  • greater flexibility and adaptability to change
  • increased motivation
  • culture change
  • life skills

Also producing organisational benefits such as:

  • reinforcing organisational culture and values
  • employees deliver to their potential
  • better communications at all levels
  • greater initiative taking
  • aligns personal and organisational aims, interests and values
  • creates a better working atmosphere

Qualified and experienced coaches can be accessed via South West Councils. These will either be:

• independent coaches on our Executive Coaching Register (POA) .


• it may be possible to arrange a reciprocal arrangement using coaches from within the SW Coaching Pool

Coaches provided via SW Councils are required to work in line with the Code of Conduct 2020

To access Coaching for you or a member of your team please get in touch at

The Pool was set up in 2011 to help organisations share ideas and learning across organisations through a Coaching Champions Group, to access high quality cost effective CPD and supervision and to enable managers to access coaches from other partner organisations with a range of different experience and expertise on a reciprocal basis (organisations seeking to access coaching should be able to make available a suitably qualified coach to provide coaching to other Pool organisations). Pool membership is now free for member organisations of SW Councils

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