Online Assessments for Recruitment & Development

South West Councils can deliver a number of online assessment tools to support a robust selection process as well as to help with development.

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What might the support include?
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaires (psychometric tests) –  A personality questionnaire looking at behavioural preferences,  which can provide additional information for decision making Panels to assess how well an applicant fits the role.
  • Executive or Management scenarios – ability test looking at management skills, providing a comparison score for candidates.
  • Verbal and numerical reasoning – ability tests which can be pitched at the appropriate level for the role and which provide a comparison score for candidates
  • Microsoft Word/Excel/Access – ability tests which provide a comparison score for candidates.
  • Game Changer Index® Assessment tool – Measures the preferred inclination of how individuals contribute to a role and/or organisation. 

Our qualified staff are able to assess the results of the completed exercises and communicate them to individuals and employers in order to support recruitment and development decisions.

Many of these tools can also be used for Personal and Team Development.

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