Welcome to our International Recruitment Health and Social Care Hub

People from overseas are able to apply to work in health and social care in the UK.  This site aims to help you understand the process of recruitment and encourages and enables good practices and processes through signposting you to information that will help you make decisions.

We welcome all health and social care professionals trained overseas who come to work in the health and social sector in the South West of the UK.

We intend to use the International Recruitment funding for the adult social care sector top deliver a sustainable international recruitment programme through the partnership of the 15 local authorities in the South West and the SW Care Association Alliance.

This site also intends to help local authorities and care porviders with up to date guidance and to share information

Code of practice for international recruitment of health and social care personnel

Sets out the principles and best practice benchmarks health and social care employers and recruitment agencies must follow to ensure effective, ethical international recruitment.

Government to government agreements on health and social care workforce recruitment

Government-to-government agreements between the UK government and partner governments, as referred to in the code of practice for the international recruitment of health and social care personnel.

Becoming a Visa Sponsor Help Sheet

If you want to recruit an Adult Social Care (ASC) worker from outside the UK, it is highly likely they will require a Skilled Worker visa and that you
will need to sponsor them.

Local Authorities in the South West

List of the 29 Local Authorities in the South West

Care Providers in the South West

List of the Care Providers in the South West

Guidance for Prospective International Applicants for Health and Social Care Jobs in the South West

This link provides support for prospective overseas candidates when seeking jobs in the UK health or social care sectors

Provision Mapping for Overseas Workers

The following piece of work aims to provide a comprehensive mapping of the important provisions available for overseas workers in the South West region of the UK and will be enriched with resources over the course of the year.

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