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Coaching Professional
ST0809 AP01
Level 5


The Coaching professional apprenticeship is a minimum of 12 months and should typically be completed within 12-14 months. The apprenticeship is for those who are developing their role in one-to-one coaching, team coaching, leadership coaching and for coachinbg skills to be embedded within cullture and governance infrastructures to support future ways of working. 


Assessment is conducted using our EPA portal for the test and to upload documentary evidence such as the portfolio. The observation and the interview are carried out via recorded video call.

  • Observation (with questions and answers)
  • Interview (supported by a portfolio of evidence)
  • Knowledge test
Price effective at April 2023
Registration*  £60
EPA price £747
Knowledge test
Portfolio-based interview
Observation of Professional Practice

Registration* – payable at registration covering set up & administration costs with the remainder payable at Gateway & before EPA commences (non-refundable)


Our EPA FAQs are based on the questions that our Team are responding to on a daily basis.

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