EPA – Frequently Asked Questions

What is an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)?

An EPAO provides apprenticeship assessment services to employers following completion of an apprentice’s training period. As well as selecting a training provider, the employer should also select an EPAO at least 3 months prior to the completion of an apprentice’s training period. When the apprentice is ready for assessment, the training provider will organise a gateway meeting with the employer and apprentice then notify the EPAO.

Who decides which EPAO should be used?

The employer is responsible for selecting the EPAO. A training provider can make a recommendation, but the final decision is for the employer to make.

I cannot find the standard on your website which my apprentice is undertaking, does that mean you can’t be the EPAO?

To be able to assess a standard, we must first gain approval from the Institute for Apprentices & Technical Education (IFATE). It is possible that we are currently going through the approval process or can seek approval if the standard is within our scope of delivery. Please contact us for information on any standards that are not listed on our website.

How do I register my apprentices for EPA with South West Councils?

To register your apprentices for End-Point Assessment with South West Councils, please email us at epa@swcouncils.gov.uk and one of our specialist EPA Advisors will guide you through the process.

When do we get the apprenticeship certificate?

Once all assessment activities have been passed and verified, the employer, apprentice and training provider will be notified of the outcome. As the EPAO, we claim the certificate which is sent to the employer following successful completion of an End-Point Assessment period. Certificates may take up to 4 weeks to arrive following completion.

Who pays for the EPA?

The Training Provider pays the EPAO on behalf of the employer. The levy covers EPA costs and may also cover resits although this is subject to restrictions. The arrangement is the same for non-levy paying employers although the funding source is different as the employer pays 10% and 90% is government funded.

How long does End-Point Assessment take?

The EPA period varies based on the assessment plan for each standard, but usually a maximum of 3 months is allowed. When South West Councils receive gateway documentation for an apprentice, we will work with the employer and apprentice to ensure all assessment activities are completed within the specified period for that standard.

When are assessment results issued?

We aim to issue results within 10 working days of the EPA.  Results are issued to the apprentice, employer and training provider with a grade outcome for each assessment component and an overall grade outcome.

What happens if an apprentice fails an assessment method?

We provide clear guidance on criteria not met in the case of a failed assessment activity.  We discuss this in detail with the training provider and suggest either a resit or retake based on the assessor’s recommendation.

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