HR and Employment Services In-House Courses

We offer a range of in-house development courses specifically for HR specialists and officers with line management responsibilities.  Following discussions with you regarding your requirements, we provide you with a training proposal which includes suggestions for content, duration and delivery methods.  These sessions can be delivered as repeated sessions for courses intended for your full workforce or large numbers or one-off sessions for a small group of officers.  Popular courses in this category are:
Conducting Investigations

This one day event provides the skills to ensure disciplinary or grievance investigations are undertaken fully, fairly and reasonably. It also takes participants through how to effectively present the management case. This event is for any line manager who is taking part in a disciplinary or grievance case or who anticipates they may do so in the future:

  • Ensuring the disciplinary or grievance investigation is undertaken fully, fairly and reasonably
  • Writing an investigation report
  • Presenting the case
  • Common pitfalls which can undermine the process

A more immersive event involving role play is also available.

Effective Appraisals

This half day event provides an overview of processes and tools to manage and covers:

  • Explains the purpose and benefits of appraisals
  • Builds an understanding of the appraisal process
  • Explores the skills needed for effective and positive appraisals
  • Looks at how to set, measure and monitor individual performance through objective setting
  • Looks at how the appraisal process fits into the wider performance management context
  • Provides an overview of how to manage poor performance
Employment Status

This half day event will benefit HR officers and may also be of interest to line managers wanting to understand the different forms of employment and covers:

  • Permanent, fixed term and temporary
  • Casual working versus zero hours
  • Part time and seasonal work
  • Agency and self-employed
  • Contractors
  • Contracts of employment
Introduction to Mediation

This  one day event provides managers with a practical overview of the skills and techniques needed for dealing with workplace conflict and an understanding of how mediation can be used to prevent and resolve issues:

  • Causes of conflict and its effect on performance and individuals
  • Stages in the development of conflict
  • Managers’ responsibility in minimising and resolving conflict
  • Techniques to minimise and resolve conflict
  • When to use mediation
  • The principles and the process
  • Choosing internal or external mediators
  • HR and legislative issues
  • Skills, techniques and attributes for successful mediation
Job Evaluation

This one day event is for HR professionals, managers and anyone involved in undertaking job evaluation.  It provides a theoretical and practical understanding of either the National Joint Council (NJC) or the Greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) job evaluation schemes. This event is normally a 1-day event.

  • Basic understanding of Equal Pay legislation
  • Basic principles of job evaluation
  • Comprehensive understanding of the job evaluation scheme
  • Practical experience through mock evaluation panels
  • Practical considerations for job evaluation processes
Managing Absence Capability

This half day event delivers an overview of effective management of staff absences:

  • Cost and impact of staff absence
  • Legislative framework
  • ACAS code of Practice
  • Applying organisational policy
  • Improving attendance
  • Return to Work meetings
  • Sources of support
Managing Performance Capability

This half day event delivers an overview of effective management of staff performance and attendance:

  • Legislative context
  • Establishing a performance framework
  • Measuring and monitoring individual performance
  • Managing short term absence
  • Managing long term absence
Mediation Skills for the Workplace

Delivered by a Civil Mediation Council registered and experienced mediator, this 2-day programme is appropriate for HR business partners, HR officers, managers and anyone interested in gaining a range of skills to confidently hold facilitated discussions aimed at addressing conflict in the workplace. Covering both relevant theory and the practical application of skills, the sessions are designed to be highly interactive with a range of facilitator input, group discussions and practical exercises to enable the development and refinement of key skills in a safe learning environment.

Indicative Content

 DAY 1 – Key skills 

  • Introductions, objectives and expectations
  • Relationship management – theory and understanding 
  • Rapport building,  language, listening, questioning and reframing

DAY 2 – Issues and Process

  • Workplace conflict; the causes, costs, managerial behaviour and benefits of early intervention
  • The difference between facilitation and mediation
  • Conflict stages, resolution tools and strategies 
Pre-Employment Checks

This half day event is for anyone involved in the recruitment process who wants to avoid making a risky staff appointment and covers:

  • What are pre-employment checks and why are they are needed?
  • How are they carried out?
  • Latest Home Office advice and guidance
  • Understanding relevant Employment Law
  • What is the Right to Work in the UK?
  • ID checking and what to look out for
  • Dealing with references
  • Checking qualifications
  • DBS checks
  • Dealing with unfavourable outcomes and taking appropriate action
Recruitment and Selection

This half day event is ideal for anyone involved in the recruitment of employees and covers:

  • Analysing vacancies
  • Creating job roles
  • Developing job descriptions and person specifications
  • Selection methods and interview options
  • Preparing for and conducting interviews
  • Testing anf assessing candidates
  • Providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Notifying successful candidates


Successful Remote Interviews

This 2-hour event is ideal for anyone wanting to give themselves the best chance of success during a remotely delivered interview. Delivered by an experienced practitioner, it explores the principles and practicalities of being remotely interviewed, which include:

  • Addressing myths about remote interviews
  • Benefits of remote interview
  • Common issues with online interviews
  • How to prepare your space for an online interview
  • How to prepare yourself for an online interview
  • What to consider whilst taking part in an online interview
  • Top tips for successful remote interviews 

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