Local Government Courses

We offer a range of in-house development courses for officers specifically working in the public sector..  Following discussions with you regarding your requirements, we provide you with a training proposal which includes suggestions for content, duration and delivery methods.  These sessions can be delivered as repeated sessions for courses intended for your full workforce or large numbers or one-off sessions for a small group of officers.  Popular courses in this category are:

ADSO Certificate and Diploma
Developing a Mentoring and Buddying Scheme for Councillors

A 2 hour workshop for officers to explore the possibilities for developing a buddying and mentoring programme for Councillors.  Buddying and mentoring can support anyone who is new to a role build knowledge and skills and develop to be effective in a shorter space of time. This can be effective after elections or when there are changes in roles particularly at cabinet and leadership level. The process can be between councillor and councillor or councillor and officer, who can be internal or external to the organisation.  This session will consider the context and benefits of developing a programme, getting buy-in and support, setting up and administering as well as developing key skills for mentors or buddies.

Working in a Political Environment

A short 2-hour workshop for new officers wishing to build knowledge and understanding of the political side of the organisation and to develop skills to work effectively within the democratic structure. It is also suitable for officers who may not be new but who wish to refresh their understanding and bring their knowledge up to speed. The event explores the different perspectives and drivers of elected members, the committee structure, purpose, role and decision-making powers of key committees. It also considers skills and approaches to successfully navigate the political interface of the authority.


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