Networks and Meetings

SW Councils supports collaboration, information and best practice sharing.  New networks and meetings are set up when there is demand for work cross boundary within the SW

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Member Meetings

  • South West Councils’ Leaders
  • South West Employers’ Panel
  • Resources and Management Committee
  • SW Adult Social Care Lead Members
  • SW Children’s Social Care Lead Members
  • SW Overview and Scrutiny

SW Provincial Council

SW Councils also works jointly with the Trade Unions at SW Provincial Council

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Officers’ Meetings

  • South West Strategic Chief Executives
  • Heads of HR
  • Education Personnel Officers’ Group
  • Reward Group
  • Apprenticeship Leads
  • HR Public Health Leads
  • Transformation Group
  • Member Development Officers
  • Coaching Champions
  • South West Strategic Migration Partnership forums
    • Afghan Forum
    • Asylum Forum
    • ESOL Forum
    • VPRS Forum
    • UASC Forum
    • Ukraine Network
    • Migrant Workers Forum
    • Regional Strategic Board
  • SWADASS various Directors and Assistant Directors Groups
  • PA Network for all PAs public and private sector

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South West Jobs

South West Jobs is a onestop website where organisations across the South West can advertise vacancies.

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