Asylum Dispersal: Provision Mapping

The following piece of work aims to provide a comprehensive mapping of the important provisions available for refugees and migrants in the South West region of the UK and will be enriched with resources over the course of the year.

A mainstay of the research will be identifying the needs of refugees and migrants that are relevant to achieving the regional ‘widening dispersal plan’. In part, this will involve mapping provision across the South West to find regions that are most suited to asylum dispersal. In doing this, the work will identify gaps in provision that may be addressed to increase the number of areas suited to asylum dispersal.

The research will be carried out by analysing existing data sources, conducting interviews with stakeholders, and utilising various mapping tools to present the findings.

The ultimate goal of this work is to inform policymakers and service providers on how best to support and integrate refugees and migrants into the South West community

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